The kati roll is said to have started its life in the Nizam Restaurant in Kolkata, a popular eatery founded in 1932. There are many stories about how exactly the roll got started. Some suggest that hurried office commuters wanted something quick and portable to eat, some mention British who were too fastidious to touch the kabab. The most likely origin is probably more mundane, but in any case someone decided to roll things up at some point. Nizam enjoyed a virtual monopoly over this method of serving kababs for decades, but it eventually became commonplace in Kolkata and later spread elsewhere.

The kati part of the name came later. Like everyone else in India, Nizam's used iron skewers to make their kababs; they were easy to maintain and lasted a lifetime. However, as Nizam's popularity grew, these long heavy iron skewers became problematic; as far more was required than could be handled. In 1964, Nizam moved to bamboo skewers that were lightweight and available in large numbers. These skewers are referred to as kati or stick, and the names kati kabab and kati roll soon stuck. The name eventually became synonymous with any kind of paratha rolled with stuffing (even when neither kati nor kabab was involved) such as the egg roll or the potato roll. 




1. Egg Roll                                                                           $4.50

   Layered paratha with freshly beaten eggs, a Kolkata Favorite

2. Aloo Masala Roll                                                            $5.50

   Spicy mashed potatoes and onion with herbs and spices

3. Egg Aloo Masala Roll                                                     $6.50

   Aloo Masala Roll with a layer of freshly beaten eggs

4. Vegetable Chop Roll                                                      $6.00

   Crumbed cutlets with beets, potatoes, vegetables and peanuts

5. Paneer Tikka Roll                                                           $7.00

   Grilled paneer marinated with a blend of yogurt, herbs and spices

6. Chicken Tikka Roll                                                          $6.50

   The iconic Kolkata style grilled chicken tikka roll 

7. Egg Chicken Tikka Roll                                                  $7.50

   The iconic Kolkata style grilled chicken tikka roll with a layer of egg

8. Chilli Chicken Roll                                                           $7.00

   Two greats together – let’s Wok and Roll!

9. Lamb Shami Kebab Roll                                                $7.50

   Tender lamb mince mixed with lentils, coriander and green chilies 

10. Egg Shami Kebab Roll                                                  $8.50

    Lamb Shami Kebab Roll with a layer of freshly beaten eggs

11. Mutton Bhuna Roll                                                         $8.50

    Boneless cubes of mutton slow cooked with rich spices

12. Egg Mutton Bhuna Roll                                                 $9.50

    Mutton Bhuna Roll with a layer of freshly beaten eggs